Unit Technical Briefing

About Unit

Unit is the banking-as-a-service platform that lets you embed powerful financial features into your product. Build in minutes, launch in weeks. Technical briefing by Leah Staniorski and Ehud Fisher.

Overview of Briefing


Leah Staniorski, client engineer at Unit, is presenting this technical briefing. Leah starts the briefing by giving an overview of the challenges Unit overcomes for their users. 

The integration aspects of Unit are shown in the other technical briefings.  


We get to see the pilot sign up page. Leah shows us how simple it is to create an account. 


Leah shows us the second step, which is to create an API token. We get to see how the token is utilized. 


Leah then creates a business application and we get to see what that payload looks like and how it will enter the KYB flow that was created and/or uploaded. 

We get to see examples on how applications can be submitted. 


Next we see the web hooks. This shows us real-time events that Unit clients use to follow flows and create customer facing experiences. 


We go back to the Unit applications page and Leah shows us the application that we created during this demo. 


We then see how the deposit account is created within Unit. 

Leah uses the deposit account ID to create a business virtual debit card. These cards are activated the second they are created. 

So far, we have seen an idea move into an actual card that can be used to make purchases. 


Leah moves to Amazon to make a purchase with this new virtual debit card that was created using Unit. 

And boom! Just like that Leah placed an online order using the new virtual debit card that was created during this demo. 


Leah then shows us the backend look of what this transaction looks like on the Unit dashboard. 


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