V-Sum is a virtually distributed conference spawned from friendly discussion.

What's in a name

(V)alue - (Sum)summit. We’re exploring the value stack of the internet with every briefing.


We hold technology briefings on a regular basis and moderate spirited discussions in small groups. Everyone who attends participates. Our events have no cost to attend and are designed for people who want to stay informed on cutting edge finance technology. All communication and scheduling is through e-mail.

Removing Barriers

Some of the best technology being built is coming from individuals in locations we'd never expect. A distributed conference by design gives everyone with an internet connection equal opportunity to learn and build. V-Sum was founded by a midwest team who deeply believes innovation comes from everywhere. We hope to highlight the best and brightest in this region, and many others.


One - sponsored by Finix, Routable, and The Kauffman Foundation.

Two - sponsored by The Kauffman Foundation and Modern Treasury.

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