Welcome to V-Sum

At (V)alue – (Sum)mit, we are exploring the value stack of the internet with every one of our events. V-Sum is a conference series where we meet virtually on a regular basis. We hold technology briefings and moderate spirited, small group discussions for our community. Everyone who attends actively participates. There is no cost to attend our events and they are designed for people who want to stay informed on cutting edge financial technology. All communication and scheduling is done personally and privately through e-mail. And our format is simple.


One – supported by FinixRoutable, and The Kauffman Foundation

Two – supported by The Kauffman Foundation and Modern Treasury

Three – supported by Shopify, The Kauffman Foundation, and Levvel

Four – supported by Shopify and Brank.as

Five – supported by Shopify and IowaEDA

Six – supported by Costanoa Ventures and IowaEDA

Seven – supported by IowaEDA

Eight – supported by IowaEDA and Apto

Ninesupported by IowaEDA and Apto

Ten – supported by IowaEDA, Finix, and Numary

Eleven – supported by IowaEDA

Twelve – supported by IowaEDA, Brale, and This Week in FinTech

Thirteen – supported by Modern Treasury, IowaEDA, and Brale

Fourteen – supported by Modern Treasury, IowaEDA, and Brale

Fifteen – supported by Modern Treasury, IowaEDA, and Brale

Sixteen – supported by Modern Treasury, IowaEDA, and Brale

Technical Briefings

Here are the companies that have presented at V-Sum Events.

Removing Barriers

Some of the best technology being built is coming from individuals in locations we’d never expect. A distributed conference by design gives everyone with an internet connection equal opportunity to learn and build. V-Sum is supported by a small team who deeply believes innovation comes from everywhere.