Modern Treasury Technical Briefing

About Modern Treasury

Technical briefing by Koji Murase and Jason Jong

Overview of Briefing


Koji Murase is presenting this technical briefing and starts by giving the background and goal of their company. 


We see the Modern Treasury homepage where you can now create a Ledger for free. For the sake of time, Koji opens an already loaded account. 


Koji shows us how to create a ledger object. This process is simple and quick to set up. 


We then switch over to a ledger that was already built out, where we see the three objects that are visible: accounts, transactions, and entries. 


In transactions, we can see each time money is moved. Koji shows us all different types of transactions and how each transaction can be shown as a pending or posted status. This models money that is in flight or settled. 


Koji moves us into ledgering using Modern Treasury. 

4:46- 5:37

Koji uses another Modern Treasury product, Payments, to move money between bank accounts. He moves us to Postman, where we see the API that is used to complete this. 

The payment order is created.


Back at the Ledger transactions, we see the pending transaction for the order that was just submitted. 


Koji shows us how to connect card products to ledgers. 


We open an example wallet and see the Metadata with the card ID. 


In the event that this card is used, Koji shows us how to check to authorize this transaction. We see where the pending and posted balance is found. He then shows us how to authorize the transaction.


Using the locked version that was found in the requestors account, Koji creates an authorization transaction in the ledger. 


We move back to the Ledger where we see the authorization transaction. The funds have been moved from the account to a card settlement account. Once the transaction has cleared, it can be posted. 


Koji closes out the technical briefing with some final tips on ledgering.