About Us

While the genesis of what we do at V-Sum came from a Tweet, the response from the community is what pulled it together and made it a reality.

The Team

The Community (Everywhere)
At our events all attendees participate and have created a community. Participants don’t listen to long keynotes and no one is selling. The community comes together for events to learn, discuss, and are the critical part about what makes our events different. Members of the community moderate, comment, and help curate the technical briefings we highlight as a part of our format.

Ben Milne (Dwolla)
*Also stay connected with Ben through his sporadic writing.

Zach Anderson-Pettet (Money2020)
*Also stay connected with Zach through For Fintech’s Sake, an insightful podcast about fintech for fintech’s sake.

Jessie Jacob (JD Insights)
*Also stay connected with Jessie through Culture First, a community of culture geeks passionate about improving our world by improving the way we work.

Keenan Randolph (UMKC Student) 
*Also stay connected with Keenan’s journey on LinkedIn

*Interested in helping in some way? Please get a intro through someone in the community and we’d love to talk to you.