V-Sum is committed to protecting your privacy and earning your trust. This Privacy Policy discloses our privacy practices for personal information we collect when you use or access our product, attend our events, or content through our website

We may, in our sole discretion, change this Privacy Policy from time to time by posting a revised version at right here.

What information does V-Sum collect?

Information that you provide to V-Sum when interacting with our events team or other team members via phone, email, online form, or other correspondence. If you apply to attend, we just get your email. We’ll probably creep you pretty hard on LinkedIn and Twitter, too.

How does V-Sum use the personal information that it collects?

Invite you to events and help you be an active part of the community.

How does V-Sum share my personal information?

We don’t. Attendee information is not distributed and is used for coordination of the events. Depending on the nature of the events we may introduce you to other people due to overlap in a breakout room or other activity.

What are other circumstances when V-Sum may disclose my personal information?

If you ask us explicitly for an introduction, we will introduce you.

If you go totally bonkers during an event and threaten people or something we might call the cops. We’ll probably just kick you off the zoom though and not invite you back.

Does V-Sum sell my personal information?


How does V-Sum use cookies?

V-Sum uses WordPress and built in analytics. So 🤷 is the honest answer given how much is built into WordPress these days. We aren’t intentionally adding anything. We suggest you block any cookies anyone tries to load on this site but due to WordPress features and embedded videos it’s possible something is loading we don’t know about. Brave browser does a nice job of blocking unwanted things as well as Disconnect. Protect yourself out there!

How do I opt-out of receiving promotional emails from V-Sum?

We don’t have promotional emails. Only informational and scheduling emails that relate to events and community information.

How do I update my information?

If your email changes let us know. We’ll change it.

What about the privacy of children?

V-Sum is a general audience website. V-Sum does not knowingly collect any personal information from anyone under the age of 13. If you are on zoom during an event, though, and your kid comes in, that is on you. We can’t control what happens in your house, you know?