Zero Hash Technical Briefing

About Zero Hash

Zero Hash is embedded crypto infrastructure. Technical briefing is by Max Howenstine and North VanHooser

Overview of Briefing


Max Howenstine, director of product, introduces Zero Hash. 

If you’re a company that wants to introduce a crypto product, look to Zero Hash.


Max introduces some partners they have. Their partners include Tastyworks and many Neobanks (AKA Challenger Banks).


Max moves into the technical demo where he shows us a third platform they could partner with, a credit card issuer. 

Most credit cards provide some type of cashback with purchases, Max explains how this type of service can be introduced as a crypto-backed credit card reward system.  

Zero Hash announced a partner with Deserve, a credit card service company, to hypothetically integrate this offer. 


Max begins to explain how this reward system would work. He shows us the API end of this service and what it would take to implement this. 

We get to see the API code that is on the backend to produce this reward service. 


Max then goes through a hypothetical crypto-back situation and what that would look like on API end. 

Any crypto that Zero Hash supports could be utilized for this service. 


Max shows what would occur for this to show on the credit card issuers interface. 

This is to show how easily a service can introduce this feature and implement crypto-backed rewards using three simple API codes. 


Max emphasizes that this is the first product providers could go to market with. Along with the crypto-back service, withdrawal services are available for rewards gained. 

Max shows us how this looks on the API code and how it would work. 


The final service that is possible with Zero Hash is the ability to cash out crypto-back rewards. 

Max explains that Zero Hash covers the fiat disbursement for this service. 


Max closes out the technical briefing with a few words. 

“It’s a modular, API, crypto-as-a-service platform” 

As always, keep a close eye on Zero Hash as some exciting 2022 product roadmaps are on the way. 


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