YAP Technical Briefing

About YAP

YAP is a banking API platform for the APAC region.

Overview of Briefing

0:00 – 1:25

Madhu sets the stage for the upcoming demo of the YAP platform. He breaks down how YAP is similar to Marqueta + Plaid in the US to give a reference point for US based viewers. He also previews what Prabhu will share once the demo starts. 

The demo today will cover YAP’s API assets, specifically focusing on both the “neobanking” capability and also demonstrating the programmable credit product. 

1:25 – 3:25

Prabhu introduces himself and starts in on the live demonstration. He goes on to explain the API documentation he’s sharing on his screen. 

Prabhu starts by explaining the use case associated. In this case, he shares onboarding as the starting place as an on-ramp into a credit product. 

For clarification, Prabhu explains that YAP does not itself create financial products. They partner with other brands to stand up products to serve their customers’ needs. 

3:25 – 6:00

Paisabazaar’s Step Up Credit Card is used as a customer use case to demonstrate YAP’s feature set. This specific card is used as a “credit builder card” in American vernacular. 

Prabhu then starts working through the onboarding flow for Paisabazaar. The process leverages the Aadhar ID as well as other identification methods to onboard users as easily as possible. 

6:00 – 7:29

Prabhu begins demonstrating the product choice piece of the flow and shows how the user would interact with the front end built on top of YAP. 

Now the account is set up and Prabhu returns to the back-end of the app to show his work. 

7:29 – 8:50

Switching to the back end, we can see that the user has been created and KYC has been run on them.

8:50 – FIN

Success! Account created, funded, and ready to use. 

Because this is a credit card, Prabhu explains that both physical and virtual cards are available. The virtual cards are immediately available after sign up! 

Prabhu closes by demonstrating the reporting function in YAP. He closes by requesting any feedback that the community might have. 

Additional Briefing Information

This briefing was held at V-Sum_Four on March 2nd, 2021. V-Sum_Four was financially supported and made possible by Shopify & Brank.as.