Swarm Technical Briefing

About Swarm

Swarm is the blockchain for private equity, tokenizing real world assets and making them available as investment opportunities to investors of all types, all over the world. Technical briefing is by Philipp Pieper and Sam Stone.


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Overview of Briefing


Philipp Pieper is the co-founder of Swarm and will be presenting this technical demo.


Philipp moves into an introduction of Swarm Markets and the beginning of their journey.

From creating tokenization technology to the amending of the banking act in Germany, the Swarm team took the opportunity to build a legitimate banking outfit. 

This is just Swarms beginning, where new opportunities are always on the horizon and advancement is the future. 


Phillipp explains that Swarm preserves the key elements that we value, while allowing compatibility and connection to existing wallet infrastructure. 

The goal was to make Swarm the least centralized. 


Philipp moves into the technical demo of Swarm. We see that it is currently live on Ethereum and Polygon. The layout looks, smells, and feels like Balancer. 

We see the swap process, using SMT to DAI as an example. 


We see the feature called “Passport” and Philipp explains what the service offers. 

It is a way for the infrastructure, which is a centralized onboarding system, to allow users to connect different wallets. Philipp explains this is kept centralized and under regulatory purview. 

This service writes an NFT, that represents a non-movable wallet, to communicate with smart contracts. 


We see the typical pool scenarios and what the experience is like on Swarm. 


Philipp shows us the other features that are currently being built out. 

The Swarm team realized the importance of smart contracts trades and transactions. We see a demo of accepting and creating offers using the dOTC Trading service. 

The process offers a simple interface that automatically calculates trade values and offers partial orders, private offers, and an expiration date.  


Philip explains this is all the first step and more is to come.

A new token standard has been published called SX1411 that Phillipp encourages everyone to investigate this standard.

Philipp then demonstrates the launch of the first staking nodes, working similar to how a compound contract works. 


Philipp closes out the demo with how Swarm works with NFTs and how they can represent off-chain assets. 

Stay tuned for more from Swarm later this quarter.