Stride Technical Briefing

About Stride

Stride transforms your unstructured enterprise data with Intelligent Process Automation (IPA). Technical briefing by Vijay Nadadur and Raghav Khamar.

Overview of Briefing


Vijay Nadadur opens up the demo with some background information on Stride, giving us a brief presentation showcasing what they do, diving into some of the details behind the core functions of the platform. 

Next, Vijay explains how no code is needed and instead uses intelligent process automation. We finish up the presentation with a couple case examples. 


We dive into the demo, where Raghav Khamar, Sr. Project Manager at Stride, leads the demo with Vijay giving details on what we see. 

We dive into a KYC demo, with a clear understanding of what information is provided by the entity, which is viewed on the dashboard. Data is validated, using Refinitiv, against the customers preferred datasources. 


Next we dive into the screening assessment. In screening, we are able to identify individuals and run a screening on all of them. This can be done in a few seconds, with issues being presented to the user to make the necessary validation. 


Vijay then moves into how the Stride software shifts through documents in a matter of seconds. We dive into what information is pulled and how manual changes, when necessary, are easy to make. 

Vijay closes out the demo. Check out Stride to learn more!

Additional Briefing Information

This briefing was held at V-Sum_TwentyOne on June 27th, 2023. V-Sum_TwentyOne was made possible by IowaEDA and Brale