Routable Technical Briefing

About Routable

Technical briefing by Omri Mor and Ángel Rodriguez

Overview of Briefing

0:00 – 1:47

Omri Mor presents this technical briefing and starts by discussing the problems Routable is solving and why they need to be solved. 

1:48 – 4:41

Mor first shows us how payments can be sent internationally by using Routable. 

Imagine Dunkin Donuts launched a new delivery service in Canada and they wanted to pay a delivery driver. Mor shows us how this would be done. 

First we go to the payment tab and select the vendor you wish to send funds to. A series of fields is available for customization for users. As information is submitted, a series of information is shown for the transaction. 

Files can be attached to payments and multiple bank accounts can be listed. Along with this, a conversion rate is presented. 

4:42 – 5:54

Mor sends the payment, and we hope all the data was submitted correctly. 

And boom! Just like that, the payment went through with no issue. We see the confirmation page and how payments can still be canceled if needed. 

5:55 – 6:20

Next we see how the recipient is notified of a payment, by means of an email. An interface is also accessible for the recipient, which can be customized via Routable API. 

6:21 – 7:24

Mor discusses what would occur if a payment does not process due to an issue with banking instructions. We see there is an option to override and add a new payment method. 

7:25 – 8:45

We then take a look at how developers build on Routable. Mor shows us some of the Routable docs and how developers overcome challenges. 

8:46 – 9:40

The last thing Mor shows us is how domestic vendors can use real-time payments for quick payment times. 

9:41 – 10:02

Mor closes out with some final words on what Routable is focusing on: making sure business data is being relayed to account data, which allow finance and operations to do their thing.