Bank Account Numbers Worldwide

Introduction The research below has triangulated the total number of global bank accounts due to the lack of pre-compiled data. It has also provided the number of credit union account memberships for 2020 to represent the number of credit union accounts. Furthermore, we have provided the data on the growth rate of account ownership thatContinue reading “Bank Account Numbers Worldwide”

Global Bank Deposits

The research below has provided the data for 2020 as the most current total value of bank deposits globally. The data provided is the total bank deposit liabilities, which by definition, it is the same as the total value of bank deposits. Additionally, as we could not locate any pre-compiled information regarding the total bankContinue reading “Global Bank Deposits”

Blockchain Energy Consumption

The estimated total Blockchain technology energy consumption ranges from about 185.14 TWh to 216 TWh. Details on how the total energy consumption was estimated, as well as the key energy consumption drivers, have been provided below. Details on the research strategy have also been provided in the Research Strategy section below. Key Takeaways Blockchain EnergyContinue reading “Blockchain Energy Consumption”