Plaid Technical Briefing

About Plaid

Technical briefing by Clay Allsopp and Ofri Harlev

Overview of Briefing


Clay Allsopp opens the demo by giving a brief introduction to Plaid. He starts by showing the process of linking a bank account to various providers. 

Taking a look around the crypto space, the Plaid team found a lot of parallels to connecting crypto wallets to financial institutions, with lots of UX challenges. We see how they tackled this challenge with their service Wallet Onboard.


We move over to the demo, starting at the typical disclaimer for connecting an account with Plaid. Wallet addresses are not collected when connecting with Plaid. Plaid does not involve themselves further than this disclaimer. 


After agreeing to the disclaimer, we see popular crypto wallets such as MetaMask, Coinbase, Trust, and more. Clay connects with a Coinbase wallet using his phone, approving the connection. 

We immediately see the address and the chain the wallet is coming from. 


We move into the code behind this feature. Clay continues to explain how the API and code interact with each other to create Wallet Onboard. 

Plaid makes it simple to integrate a wallet, smoothing over any quirks that may come up. 


Clay then explains more about how to use Plaid to onboard wallets. With this service, it makes it simpler to complete this process. 

The script tag allows all aspects to be updated on the fly. 


This is a simple integration that takes less than an hour, solving many problems on the company’s behalf. 

Clay then moves us into showing us how Wallet Onboard is being used by different companies. He then moves into showing us different use cases for this service. 


Clay closes out the demo by giving some information on what they are continuously building.

Additional Briefing Information

This briefing was held at V-Sum_Seventeen on November 15, 2022. V-Sum_Seventeen was made possible by Modern Treasury, IowaEDA, and Brale