Phixius Technical Briefing

About Phixius

Phixius is a subscription-based data service platform that facilitates the trusted exchange of pre- and post-payment information. It is a part of NACHA, which governs the ACH network.

Overview of briefing

0:00 – 4:50

George Throckmorton gave the initial introduction. Phixius is a part of NACHA, the organization providing oversight to the ACH Network.

Phixius is a utility and an overlaying set of governance and rules so that there doesn’t need to be bilateral agreements. The companies that connect to Phixius are not the end users, they are the businesses who want to share data on behalf of their client.

Phixius doesn’t move money and doesn’t store the data that is shared between participants.

4:50 – 7:35

Peter Tapling provided the technical demonstration. The exchange services are all based on a series of APIs. To demonstrate this, a sample financial institution has been set up.

The exchange service demonstrated enables a participant to validate a routing number and account number is valid so that they can receive an ACH request. The admin demonstrated sits in front of the Phixius APIs.

The authentication tokens are generated when the requesting party requests it from Phixius. When the authorization is created a smart contract is created between the participating parties. The authorization living in a blockchain also acts as the audit trail for the permission.

7:35 – 10:50

A second demonstration was an electronic payment information exchange. In this demo a credit union and a business exchange information and as the business information is updated, all parties are made aware.

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Additional Briefing Information

This briefing was held at V-Sum_Two on November 17, 2020. V-Sum_Two was financially supported and made possible by Modern Treasury and The Kauffman Foundation.