Orb Technical Briefing

About Orb

Technical briefing by Alvaro Morales and Kshitij Grover

Overview of Briefing


Alvaro Morales opened up this demo with a brief introduction to the use cases of Orb. We are going to dive into what a business model in orb looks like. 


We dive right into the product, seeing the dashboard customers see. Alvaro dives into the different features customers see. First we see events, where almost everything is kept. Alavro shows us an API endpoint that sends events into the Orb dashboard. We see the event that Alavaro called made it into the event dashboard. 


Orb is a marriage between a billing product and an analytics product. We dive into the analytics piece next, looking at metrics. We are able to filter events by name, for this demo we look at the event we just created with the previous API call. Full flexibility of SQL is provided for customers that need to dive into more details of events. 


Next we dive into the billing plans Orb offers to their customers. In Orb, a customer can set up a plan with any fixed or usage based fees. Any metrics set by the customer can be defined to a usage based fee. Minimum discounts or trial periods can also be implemented for customers. In this feature, customers can set up stages to automatically create changing invoices like an onboarding process. 


With Orb, a once-a-month billing process can be turned to a real-time process. At any given point, a customer has detailed visibility of each invoice. Alvaro shows us the dashboard of what this feature looks like for a customer. These invoices connect directly back to actual usage for the invoiced customer. This keeps trust between customers and the invoicing party. 


Along with real-time invoices, alerts can be set up on the cost or usage level to inform internal parties. This promotes some upselling opportunities and business logic for customers and their clients. 


Alvaro moves into describing some features that are unlocked using Orb APIs, with the ability to connect to a CRM software. Alvaro shows us how Orb can connect to the popular CRM Salesforce. 

9:52- 10:18

Alvaro wraps up the demo with a brief conclusion of what was shown, real-time usage based billing that allows accurate and detailed invoices.

Additional Briefing Information

This briefing was held at V-Sum_Eighteen on January 10, 2023. V-Sum_Eighteen was made possible by IowaEDA and Brale