Oasis Labs Technical Briefing

About Oasis Labs

Technical briefing by Nick Hynes and Peter Gilbert

Overview of Briefing


Nick Hynes opens the demo with a brief introduction to Oasis Labs. He starts the demo with a couple slides to give background on the problem they are solving and an overview of the demo. 


We move directly into the demo. We see Oasis Labs alpha product, going through the steps of identify verification. First step, Nick identifies himself as a natural person and inputs where he is identifying from. After this, a country code, mobile number, and wallet address is needed. 


After some tedious identity verification, Nick receives an NFT, that states he has been KYC’d, and Oasis Labs receives all the information confidentially. This confidential information is used to prove to a website he is over 18. 


Nick moves us to the “confidential website” that requires him to prove his age. We move into the code and dive into how this information is used to verify age. Nick shows us how access is granted using the information provided by the KYC process shown previously. 


We move into the backend of the “confidential website.” The website only gets the contract that states the user, the KYC’d individual, is over 18. Once verified, the website refreshes and realizes the user is over 18, 


We see the transaction on a MetaMask wallet, having to wait 6 seconds for the blockchain to update. Running into some server issues, Nick restarts. We immediately gain access to the website after. Nick then revokes access to the “confidential website.


Nick closes out the demo with a brief conclusion. All the information collected is kept securely. Credit scores, Zip codes, and more can be collected and used securely with this technology.

Additional Briefing Information

This briefing was held at V-Sum_Eighteen on January 10, 2023. V-Sum_Eighteen was made possible by IowaEDA and Brale