Nval Technical Briefing

About Nval

Nval enables entire industries to build the next generation of applications for the Web 3.0 ecosystem. Technical briefing by Layne Nadeau and Mark Allen.

Overview of Briefing


Layne Nadeau, Founder and CEO, opens up the demo with some brief background on Nval and the problem they are solving with their tech. Layne explains how fundamental the price of an asset is to any action you do against it. 


Layne shares a slide that frames the existence of Nval, where he states that Blockchains, the markets on the blockchains, and the industries that are building out ecosystems is connected using Nval.  


Enters Mark Allen, CTO, to continue to demo. Mark is going to show applications that were built using Nval’s API and the data that is being generated using their API. 

First we are shown Nval’s API documentation. Mark walks us through an example of how a user would use their API to get a price. After Mark completes the example, we move over to OpenSea to see the NFT that was price estimated using Nval’s API. 


Mark then shows a chrome extension that can be used to determine the price of an NFT whenever. This also links back to the Nval application, where we see an in depth view of the pricing for an NFT. 


We move back to the API documentation with Mark, where he explains you can import in Nval’s OpenAPI spec into Postman for utilization. We see some of the similar information in Postman as we did in Nval’s API documentation. Mark moves into Json to make it easier for the audience to read the information collected. 


Future Importance is another portion of their API that we will be diving into. Mark uses the same NFT from the previous examples to illustrate this tool. 

Using the same NFT he used earlier, Mark imports the needed information. We then are given a series of information, where we are told this NFT does not rely on its physical appearance for the price. Mark the uses a CryptoPunk NFT to illustrate how an NFT with dominance on the traits, for this one specifically accessories, affects how it is priced.


Mark moves over to a Google Sheet where the data that was collected from the Future Importance API is being used to create pie charts. Here we see that the price of the Doodle NFT is highly impacted by the two-day price, while the CryptoPunk NFT shows that the two-day window price and accessories are the most important factors in pricing.

Additional Briefing Information

This briefing was held at V-Sum_Twenty on May 16th, 2023. V-Sum_Twenty was made possible by IowaEDA and Brale