Nium Technical Briefing

About Nium

Technical briefing by Geoff Greenberg and Joaquin Ayuso

Overview of Briefing

0:00 – 0:28

Geoff Greenberg is presenting this demo and starts by listing Niums goal: giving people control of their money. 

0:29 – 1:37

Nium is integrated with the Stellar network, Polygon, and other large chains. 

Greenberg shows us the login process and how it connects with the Stellar network. 

1:38 – 2:46

We make a participant to send money to and walk through the process of inputting information. 

This creates a participant on the Stellar network. 

2:57 – 3:24

Once the participant has been accepted, the amount of funds that you want to send will be confirmed by the network. 

We confirm this transaction on the Stellar network and see the funds that were sent. 

3:25 – 

Greenberg closes out the demo mentioned Nium’s goal is “to be the pipes and do the connecting.”