Goldfinch Technical Briefing

About Goldfinch

Goldfinch is a decentralized credit protocol for crypto loans without collateral. Technical briefing is by Mike Sall and Blake West.

Overview of Briefing


Mike Sall, co-founder, introduces Goldfinch and will be doing this technical briefing.


Mike dives into the demo and starts by showing us the homepage of Goldfinch.

Goldfinch works by supplying capital into pools and Mike shows us a scenario where $100 is supplied into the protocol.

We see the Senior Pool and the Borrower Pools. Almavest, Aspire, QuickCheck are a few different pools that lend capital out to businesses around the world.


Mike dives into Almavest’s basket. We get to see all the information about the individual borrower.

Mike then explains the different types of participants: backers and liquidity providers.


We then dive into looking at the Senior Pool.

Mike shows us how the capital is allocated into the Senior Pool. We then see how easy it is to contribute and withdraw funds.


We move into what looks like Goldfinch as a borrower. Mike shows us how borrowers borrow money and pay back the money owed.

Once a payment is made, those funds are automatically supplied to the individuals that supplied the capital to the borrower.


Mike moves into showing us how the GFI distributions work. We see the GFI granted per week as well as how long it is unlocked and available.


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