The V-Sum Format

V-Sum events are short. Our events run on time and are 2 hours end to end. Events are comprised of 2 core parts, technical briefings and breakout sessions. Events are held normally 4-6 weeks apart with specific conduct expectations.

Events are limited to 100 participants. Attendees are either nominated by existing attendees or apply to attend.

Part 1 – Technical Briefings

Each V-Sum event has 3 technical briefings. Each technical briefing is done by the company (normally founder, inventor, or product manager) and is an actual demonstration of the technology. Presenters don’t use slides. Instead they are encouraged to show live examples of their software. Technical briefings are recorded and on the record. Q&A is not on the record and in order to participate in that section you must be present. Technical briefings are typically ~15 minutes each and are presented to all attendees.

Part 2 – Breakout Sessions

Private discussions in groups of 10-20 people focused on topics chosen by the attendees. These discussions are off the record and there is a moderator in each session to keep the discussion moving.