FinGoal Technical Briefing

About FinGoal

Technical briefing by Jack Ryan and Ariam Sium

Overview of Briefing


Jack Ryan is presenting this technical briefing and starts by giving a background on aggregation as a concept. 


Jack starts by showing us a successful Plaid bank account link. We see a simple loadout of the account data.


We move into the code that Jack will be using for the demo. We start with the backend. 


Jack copies a user specific access token from the Quick Start guide and plugs it into the application that is running. He makes minor changes to make sure it operates as a controller. WE can see that it is coded for an item ID and an user ID. 

Once the changes are made, we are done and close it down. We see that it drops us on the index page, the Plaid link. 


Jack then moves into removing all reference to the Plain link handler. We then see that he plugs in a little block of code to load up the Link Money portal. 


We move back to the Quick Start documentation to see that we are moving through the steps. 

Jack picks an option to open the money portal and plugs it into the code. 


Now that we are finished with that, we move back to the webpage to link an account, using the newly installed Link Money portal. 

We see how quick it is to connect an external account. 


While we wait for the retrieval data to complete, we move to the success.view page. 

Jack includes a method at the bottom of the page. 


And boom, we can see how simple it was to add the data from Link Money. 


Jack is going to do the same thing, but for transactions. 

We see that he adds a get transactions call. 


The web page is refreshed and we see the scroll bar shifts, indicating the other transactions have loaded to the page. 


In a matter of minutes, Jack has switched out a simple application from Plaid to Link Money. 


Jack closes the demo by providing an explanation for why FinGoal created Link Money.