DFNS Technical Briefing

About DFNS

Technical briefing by Clarisse Hagege and Josh Siegel

Overview of Briefing



Clarisse Hegege opens the demo by giving a brief background on herself and DFNS. We hear about the problem they are set to solve, building API’s for developers. 


Josh Siegel takes over to show us a demo of the product. He shows us first an implementation of their API through a current client, Nilos. 

DFNS is trying to open up the world of crypto to those who do not currently have knowledge of the space. Creating a totally seamless and fast experience. 


Josh shows us the process of creating a wallet using Nilos’s, a Nilos Wallet, system, which uses DFNS’s API. He explains how Nilos interacts with DFNS, which we will see more later. 


We move into the account, seeing the wallet at the top. The wallet is fully functional immediately. The process is very simple and straightforward, due to the API calls in the background. 


We jump into the API documentation, first looking at DFNS’s High Level API. Josh explains what Nilos used to back their feature. Implementing with DFNS API is proven to be simple by the documentation they provide. 


To finish up, Josh shows the different levels of abstraction. He explains the different levels and what it includes. 

All this is secured by a secret the client holds. 


Josh closes out the demo.

Additional Briefing Information

This briefing was held at V-Sum_Seventeen on November 15, 2022. V-Sum_Seventeen was made possible by Modern Treasury, IowaEDA, and Brale