DataVisor Technical Briefing

About DataVisor

DataVisor delivers a comprehensive set of tools for the entire fraud workflow in a single, flexible, and self-serve solution. Technical briefing by Steve Knopf, Francis San Luis, and Danny Daly.

Overview of Briefing


Steve Knopf opened up the demo with some background on DataVisor, a full end-to-end fraud detection platform. 


Steve dives into the dashboard, explaining datasets and features. Datasets can be uploaded by the user, streamed in, and create allow lists and block lists. Steve then dives into the feature platform.


We are now into the feature platform dashboard. Steve goes into the feature platform packages that DataVisor offers to their customers. Here we see a number of packages: Transaction fraud, equifax digital identity trust, and more. 


Next we dive into the rules engine, where Steve dives into some of the out-of-the-box rule sets. These include account takeover, wire fraud, and more. 

We also see the decision flow feature, where Steve shows us an ACH transaction workflow built out for this demo environment. 


From rules, you can automate a response or send it to a case management queue. 

Steve shows us more about the case management queue. Here we see a chart with all the queues for this environment, which a normal customer typically would not see this many. We see what events are populating this data, with the ability to investigate each event more. 

Steve filters the data by ACH ATO, where he then shows what the app looks like when you click into a queue. From here, you can also view more on the customer, which Steve shows us. 


Diving more into the customer details, we can see a number of useful information. From event IDs to IP Addresses, all the customer data is stored on this page. Steve highlights how a user can see unusual activity, including a number of failed logins. 


Still in the customer details, Steve shows us the knowledge graft. Here we see the relationship of this demo customer to other customers and data elements, all in the DataVisor system. 


All this data allows an investigator to determine if this user is experiencing an account takeover, which can easily be handled using DataVisor. 

Steve shows us how an investigator can take action in the event any action is needed with this user. 


The final thing Steve shows us in the insight center, where a user can dive more into what is happening with the data they provide, a business intelligent solution.

A number of key metrics can be viewed on this screen to help a DataVisor user make key fraud decisions. 


Steve closes us out. Check out DataVisor for more information!

Additional Briefing Information

This briefing was held at V-Sum_TwentyOne on June 27th, 2023. V-Sum_TwentyOne was made possible by IowaEDA and Brale