Crescent Technical Briefing

About Crescent

Technical briefing by Grant Roscoe and Daemian Mack

Overview of Briefing


Grant Roscoe is presenting this technical briefing. He starts by giving an overview of the work Crescent does. 


Grant shows us the Crescent home dashboard. This is where you can see your balance, in real time, earnings, and transactions. This is all presented in a very simple way. 


We move to see how to switch accounts, which can offer different abilities. Grant shows us the hub and proves to show how easy it is to switch between accounts.  


Grant demos a corporate account that is depositing USDC. 


He copies the deposit address from Crescent into a MetaMask wallet to deposit the USDC. 


The transaction went through on MetaMask and now we wait for it to update on the Crescent dashboard. 


While we wait for the USDC to deposit, Grant shows us the Withdrawal function. Here existing accounts can be liked to do wire transfers, where there are ZERO fees in this process. 


Grant closes the demo with the USDC deposit showing up in transactions.