V-Sum is a gathering of like-minded people with a collegiate goal in mind: to learn. Our breakout sessions are a unique opportunity to change your mind about something and discuss topics that might otherwise be uncomfortable. During the event we encourage you to be open minded and think from a position of learning first.

Some things to keep in mind with V-Sum events are that participation is encouraged and self promotion is not. We’re building a community that you don’t have to pay to participate in. Our events encourage respectful debate and discourse without titles.

We do not condone or tolerate disrespectful behavior. Discrimination in the form of racism, sexism, or behavior intended to intimidate others will not be tolerated.

If you have been the subject of disrespectful or abusive behavior, please report it to the moderator or organizer immediately. If engaging in negative behavior, we maintain the right to immediately remove access to our events.

When attending a V-Sum event, the briefings are recorded and are treated as on-record. Meaning what you learned can be discussed outside of the event. However, breakout sessions are held under Chatham House rules β€”β€” who is present and what you discuss is off the record. Breakout sessions are focused on an open debate and encourage respectful discourse and we feel this is the best way to accomplish that.