Atomic Technical Briefing

About Atomic

Atomic offers products that enable developers to embed connected payroll capabilities into their application. Technical briefing by Lindsay Davis & Jeff Hendren

Overview of briefing

00:00 – 1:43

Lindsay opens the demo by engaging the crowd with a question. “Who pays you,” she asked. The question leads into an explanation of why payroll APIs matter and how they can change the process of direct deposit switching. 

1:43 – 3:00

Linsdsay continues to explain the basics of how payroll APIs work and how the direct deposit switch mechanism works. 

Lindsay hands the reins to Jeff and the moderator jumps in to ensure that hiccups are expected with live demos. The Atomic team agreed to present at the last minute. They achieved a very polished demo in a small amount of time. 

3:00 – 4:16 

Jeff walks through the postman experience.  He elaborates on the product suite explaining that atomic can verify a user’s income, employment status, and perform a direct deposit switch. 

We get a behind the scenes view of the atomic emulator that’s being used to execute the demo. 

Atomic has seen clients up and running with the SDK within 24 hours. That timeframe can vary spending on the complexity of the integration. 

4:16 – 5:20

Jeff explains that one can either write into the system or read into the system. 

For direct deposit switching, the new ID is written to the system. At this point, the user has the opportunity to identify their previous and new employer. 

5:20 – 8:17

The complexity of the integrations with the major payroll providers and the long tail providers is explained. The coverage of payroll providers is the linchpin in the success of an Atomic transaction. 

One feature that increases the conversion rate is the reverse engineering of password reset in the Atomic flow. 

Jeff explains that Atomic securely stores the credentials to ensure that the link stays stagnant and reactive.  

Additional Briefing Information

V-Sum_Five was held on April 6, 2021. It was made possible by Shopify.