Arc Technical Briefing

About Arc

Technical briefing by Raven Jiang and Gustav Staprans

Overview of Briefing

0:00 – 1:33

Raven Jiang is giving this technical briefing. 

He starts the demo by giving a brief background on Arc. We see the two services that Arc offers: Arc Advance and Arc Treasury. 

1:34 – 3:12

We jump into the product demo and are shown the customer interface when signing up for an account. 

Jiang takes us through the onboarding process for new customers. This process includes basic company information, banking account information, and a signed NDA for protection of the customer and ARC.

3:13 – 4:49

We see a quick demo of how Plaid is integrated with Arc so users can easily connect bank accounts. 

Jiang shows us the API behind the integration and how the information is verified and synced. 

4:50 – 6:10

Next we go through the steps of connecting accounting information to Arc. Jiang shows us how Codat, an accounting software, connects with Arc.

We then see the API behind this and are informed that it takes a minute for information to sync and verify. 

6:11 – 6:50

Jiang then shows us how to connect billing and subscriptions, using Stripe, Recurly, Chargebee, or Chargify. 

For this demo, we see how Stripe connects. Jiang shows the API and how it successfully integrated. This one takes time to sync. 

6:51 – 7:18

The minimum that is required is Banking and Accounting information. 

7:19 – 7:37

Jiang completes the application and is moved into a waiting screen. Typically customers are sent an email offer letter where they can decide how much financing. For the sake of the demo, Jiang updates the account and we are shot to the dashboard screen. 

7:38 – 8:35

Just like that, we are on a functional Arc account. We dive into the offer more to see what options are available. 

Jiang shows that the amount can be changed, up to the offered amount, and how it can be received. If Arc Treasury is chosen, funds show up instantly. External accounts face the typical ACH delay. 

8:36 – 10:32

Now we jump into the data that is received from the customers as they create an account and receive their offer. 

Jiang runs a query with the company ID that he just created during the demo. 

We see how the data is organized and filed in the Arc system. 

10:33 – 14:35

Next we jump into the Unified Data Model. 

14:36 – 14:39

Raven Jiang closes out the demo.