Apto Technical Briefing

About Apto

Apto Payments offers an instant issuance product. Technical briefing by Meg Nakamura & Willis Jackson III

Overview of briefing

0:00 – 0:55

Meg opens with an explanation of instant card issuance and the difficulties in the process. 

0:55 – 2:25

Meg hands the reins over to Willis. Willis begins by demonstrating the sign up process. He’s using real data so Willis is making sure to maintain security through the demonstration process. 

The 2-factor identification flow is demonstrated. 

3:25 – 4:24

Shifting back to Meg’s experience, we see the text message she received to initiate the card issuance. 

Meg explains the onboarding flow that encompasses the full regulatory coverage embedded in the experience.  

4:24 – 5:05

We see the card holder experience for onboarding including legal review and all the necessary pieces. Willis explains that the demonstration is taking place in the sandbox for the sake of privacy. 

5:05 – 5:35

Success! After signing the necessary agreements, the card has been issued. We can see the card successfully populated into Meg’s mobile wallet. 

5:35 – 6:50

Willis takes back the screen and unveils the back end where we can see the card that was issued along with test transactions. 

Review of enterprise vs. standard pricing. For the sake of simplicity, the demonstration will focus on the “off the shelf” experience. 

6:50 – 8:05

We walk through the necessary steps to complete KYB / KYC. The process is straightforward in terms of information necessary and ease of entry. 

Because this is a credit card, Prabhu explains that both physical and virtual cards are available. The virtual cards are immediately available after sign up! 

Prabhu closes by demonstrating the reporting function in YAP. He closes by requesting any feedback that the community might have. 

8:05 – 9:00

Willis walks us through card design including color, logo, etc.. After completing the design process it’s time to put the money where the demo is. A minimum collateral amount is necessary to ensure sufficient funds. 

9:00 – 14:35

We turn the camera back to Meg who is showing us the physical card that was activated and issued through the demo. 

Now it’s time to show that the card really works in the real world. Meg goes to an e-commerce shop to purchase a wonderful Kansas City (great city) t-shirt. 

Meg checks out with apple pay and just like that, a t-shirt has been purchased and the full life cycle of card issuance is complete. 

Willis closes out the demo by explaining how one would get the app published to the app store. 

Additional Briefing Information

V-Sum_Five was held on April 6, 2021. It was made possible by Shopify.