Ansible Labs Technical Briefing

About Ansible Labs

Technical briefing by Dan Mottice and Matt Vanhouten

Overview of Briefing


Dan Mottice opens up the demo with a brief background on the problem Ansible Labs is resolving. 

Today the Ansible Labs will be demoing Beam. 


Dan shares his screen and shows us the Beam welcome screen. We will first go through the onboarding workflow, including KYC and wallet screening. 


Dan connects his wallet using MetaMask. From there, we continue through the onboarding flow. During this process, the connected wallet is undergoing an additional screening. Depending on the risk score, a user would be precluded from continuing onboarding. 

4:10- 5:34

They have partnered with Persona for the traditional KYC workflow. Name, address, date of birth, and SSN are all needed from the customer. Once this is completed, it kicks off the Persona KYC and watchlist screening. 


The final step is to upload banking details. They currently live with off-ramp options ACH and RTP. They use Plaid to access bank accounts.

In the future, push to card workflow is to become an option. 


This provides a unique smart contract, which can be used to off-ramp, as you see fit! Dan shows us how you can use that address to transfer to, which will automatically trigger all the off-ramp steps. 


Dan moves us to the Prod environment to show how you can access your bean address from the onboarding page, which we see only takes connecting his MetaMask wallet. 

Dan then takes us through an example of off-ramping using his beam address. We see the user still has to pay gas to complete this transaction. Dan completes a transaction off-ramping ETH using his Beam address. Dan is able to instantly access his funds after the transaction is completed. 

Additional Briefing Information

This briefing was held at V-Sum_Nineteen on March 7th, 2023. V-Sum_Nineteen was made possible by IowaEDA and Brale